31 Jul 2011


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The first BUY1GIFT1 Sale has now ended
Thanks to all customers for their custom!


YOU buy any qualifying product during the sale
WE send you a free gift voucher for the same product
YOU give the voucher to your favourite friend or alt
THEY claim the same product ABSOLUTELY FREE!

You’ve tried social networking, now try social shopping!  Double your shopping fun by gifting vouchers to your friends or just get together and split the cost so each person only pays HALF-PRICE.  The first BUY-1GIFT-1 SALE runs until Aug. 8th 2011 and all gift vouchers must be redeemed before Sep. 1st 2011.  Please note, gift vouchers are NOT delivered with your purchased item and will be sent to you separately within 48hrs of your purchase.  Full terms and conditions are below*

Products included in the first BUY-1-GIFT-1 SALE :

Woolman Sky-Tower Collection – Inworld / Marketplace
Woolman Sky-Tower & Sky-Garden Collection - Inworld / Marketplace
Woolman Sky-Garden - Inworld / Marketplace
[nautilina] light-kit for designers - Inworld / Marketplace
[nautilina] light-kit for builders - Inworld / Marketplace
[nautilina] log-fire kit for builders - Inworld / Marketplace
[nautilina] WAVE ABALONE shower unit - Inworld / Marketplace
[nautilina] WAVE SLATE shower unit - Inworld / Marketplace
[nautilina] WAVE TRAVERTINE shower unit – Inworld / Marketplace
[nautilina] shower particle-fx kit for builders - Inworld / Marketplace



  1.  Gift vouchers are only valid for EXACTLY the same product as was bought.  No alternative product(s) or cash-equivalents will be available.  No half-price alternative deals will be available (but you can come to a private arrangement with your friend).
  2.  Gift vouchers will be valid only until September 1st 2011 and must be claimed in-store before this date.
  3.  No refunds or exchanges can be offered on products which have copy/no-trans permissions.  No refunds or exchanges will be offered on any product claimed using a gift voucher.
  4.  No re-deliveries will be offered for gift vouchers.  All efforts will be made to ensure vouchers are successfully delivered to customers but we can accept no responsibility for non-delivery or loss due to Second Life system failures.  Remember, if you set your avatar to ‘Busy’ all deliveries will fail including all object or voucher deliveries.
  5.  Marketplace purchases of selected items are included in the BUY-1-GIFT-1 SALE but you cannot use gift vouchers on Marketplace, they can only be used with our vendors in-world.  A landmark to each store and instructions will be included with each voucher.
  6.  Customers should be aware that they cannot claim no-trans items on behalf of their friends or alts – you must give the gift voucher to your friend and they must claim the product for themselves.  If you claim a second copy for yourself this will deactivate the gift voucher – replacement vouchers will NOT be issued in these circumstances.
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